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We Are As One

We Are As One

This CD contains repertoire that comes solely out of YAV’s 2012 USA tour. In June and July a team of 37 choristers, 2 brave parents, Karl Geiger and I embarked on a journey, which took us from New York, to the Serenade! Festival in Washington DC, to the World Choir Games in Cincinnati and finally, 11 glorious days in San Francisco for the 9th International Golden Gate Youth Choir Festival. The title for the CD “We are as one” has a twofold meaning for us – it was one of the first massed choir pieces we learned for the Serenade Festival, and it was one of the most appealing pieces of feedback we received from directors, choristers and audiences across the USA – that our choir of 37 voices always sounded as one.

When putting together an international touring program it was important to draw attention to our amazing Australian composers – both established and emerging. It was a joy to prepare the sounds of Australia – in nature, in our contemporary urban world, through rhythm and body percussion, and through text. The imaginings of these creative are so vast like our cultural landscape, and the harmonic language is so rich and immensely satisfying. It was like bringing a part of our solid continent with us and we learned what it was bout us that made us uniquely Australian.

We had the wonderful opportunity to share this with hundreds of like-minded choristers, through performance, workshops and impromptu get togethers. Our highlights included our Australian music workshop in Washington DC, where we taught both Australian bush bird noises to over 200 choristers (cacophonous!!) and the stunning dance to Torres Strait Islander Song Sesere Eeye. In turn we learned Norwegian folksongs, African dance and funky jazz harmonies from the variety of talented groups we met.

Sharing 4 weeks of music-making is an enriching, empowering and yet humbling experience. The knowledge the group has gained both musically and personally is difficult to measure, but the ability to share a common goal in music-making has allowed us to aspire to great things, care for, and learn from each other and appreciate every opportunity we have. All this love and learning is reflected in We Are As One.

We Are As One
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