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Choir Times and Tuition Fees 2018


(5-7 yr old)

Junior Choir

$175/per term+                             Wednesday                        Back Hall                              Glenda Lynelle

$15 Music Levy                              5:00 – 6:15pm                    WUC Kent Town                   Karen Yee

$70 initial registration


(8+ depending on experience)

Intermediate Choir

$415/per semester+                       Wednesday                        Front Hall                             Trish Hart

$30 Music Levy per semester            4:45 – 6:15pm                   WUC Kent Town                  Julie Dobo

$70 initial registration


(10+ depending on experience)

Second Concert Choir (2CC)

$480/per semester+                       Thursday                             Front Hall                             Emma Horwood

$30/Music Levy per semester             4:45 – 6:30PM                    WUC Kent Town                  Leonie Hempton

$70 initial registration


First Concert Choir (1CC)

$535/per semester+                       Thursday                             Back Hall                              Christie Anderson

$30/Music Levy per semester           5:15 – 8:00pm                    WUC Kent Town                    Jamie Cock

$70 initial registration



$450/per semester full fee

$350/per semester student fee

$30/Music Levy per semester        Thursday                             Back Hall                                  Christie Anderson

$55 initial registration                    7:45 – 10:00pm                  WUC Kent Town              

Male Youth Choir

$415/per semester+                       Thursday                             Middle Hall                         Hamish Buckey

$30/Music Levy per semester           6:15 – 7:45pm                    WUC Kent Town                 Aiden Foyel 

                                                                                                                                             Leonie Hempton                                                     


COME & TRY Terms (1 & 3 for new choristers) Junior: $130   Inters: $160  

Office number 8362 3885

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