Covid-Safe Rehearsals

Dear YAV Community

In order to comply with our SA Health/Gov Covid-Safe Plan we would very much appreciate your support in following our rehearsal guidelines as outlined below.

Please read through the following information and contact the office by email if you have any questions:

Covid Policy:


Entry to the building is restricted. We respectfully ask that only choristers enter the building during rehearsals. If it is necessary for you to attend the choir office, we ask that you please limit the number of people entering the building.

  • MASKS MUST BE WORN IN THE HALLS BY EVERYONE 12 YRS & OLDER (including whilst signing)
  • MASKS for children under 12 years old are strongly encouraged

  • STAY HOME – If unwell, including family members dropping off and picking up
  • STAY HOME – If you or a household member have been instructed to quarantine
  • STAY HOME – If you or a household member is awaiting Covid test results
  • STAY HOME – If you have been deemed a close contact (refer below)


Please follow the SA Health Guidelines:

Parking / Kiss and Drop Instructions:

  • DO NOT drive or park in the church car park. The car parks are leased to surrounding businesses.
  • PLEASE PARK in the surrounding streets – Grenfell, Little Grenfell St, or Fullarton Road, and access the Halls via foot.

Entry to Halls (refer to map)

Please refer to the white board to see which hall your choir is rehearsing in.

  • For entry to the BACK HALL and CHOIR OFFICE – Please use the door closest to the toilets.
  • For entry to the MIDDLE HALL and FRONT HALL – Please use the door closest to Fullarton Road

During Rehearsals:

  • No food to be brought to rehearsals
  • Please bring your own small, named pencil case with a pencil, eraser and sharpener
  • Bring a filled water bottle
  • Bring your music folder
  • Choristers will be asked to spread out
  • Younger choirs will play non touching musical games
  • Choristers will remain seated as much as possible
  • No items are to be shared including water bottles, stationery, music

If you have any questions, please contact the choir office: