Emily Gann

Emily Gann

A highly experienced musician, educator, program designer and project leader, Emily brings a wealth of valuable knowledge & skills to the arts and education sector.

As director of Connecting the Dots in Music, Emily collaboratively builds and delivers high impact community-focussed music projects in partnership with multiple organisations, services and people. With a focus on “building connections for a better world through music”, Emily is particularly passionate about working to embed music learning opportunities across communities.

She has carried out extensive research to investigate innovative models of music education, with a focus on partnerships between professional arts companies, community services and schools.

Previously, Emily directed the Learning & Community Engagement Program for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, where she designed, developed and produced significant innovative music programs for young people and communities. Emily also holds the position of Director of Strings at Immanuel College, Adelaide.

Having collaborated with Christie Anderson and YAV for a number of years, she is thrilled to serve as a board member and support YAV’s commitment to nurturing young musicians from all backgrounds and abilities.

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