Choir Times and Fees

(5-7yr olds)
Junior Choir
$205/term + Wednesday Room 1 Glenda Lynelle
$20 Music Levy/term 4.15-5.15pm BCUC Julie Dobo
(8+ depending on experience)
Intermediate Choir
$235/term + Wednesday Lower hall Trish Hart
$20 Music Levy/term 4.45-6.15pm BCUC Jesse Budel
(10+ depending on experience)
Second Concert Choir
$540/semester + Wednesday Room 1 Georgie Simmons
$40 Music Levy/semester 4.45-6.45pm BCUC Leonie Hempton OAM
First Concert Choir
$615/semester + Thursday Lower hall Christie Anderson
$40 Music Levy/semester 5.00-8.00pm BCUC Jamie Cock
$495/semester + Thursday Lower hall Christie Anderson
$385/semester full time student + 7.45-10.00pm BCUC
$30 Music Levy/semester
Male Vocal Group Thursday Room 1 Aidan Foyel
$500/semester + 6.00-8.00pm BCUC Nikolai Leske
$40 Music Levy/semester Leonie Hempton OAM
Rehearsals are held in the halls of Burnside City Uniting Church

YAV is a Not For Profit Organisation