How old does a child have to be to participate?

We enrol choristers ages 5-35 in our choirs. Most choristers joining us for the first time are between 5 and 11, but we also enrol choristers up to the age of 35. Students aged 12 and over with at least a basic foundation in singing are welcome to audition for one of our choirs.


Is this a church-based choir?

No. We are a non-sectarian, community-based choir. We try to balance works associated with various religious denominations with quality compositions from the secular world, and in no case espouse a particular religious focus. In fact, we make an effort to program works from as many different cultural, religious, and ethnic traditions as possible, giving students an appreciation for diversity in music and in themselves. We often rehearse and perform in churches (of many denominations) because churches generally have facilities suited to our acoustical needs and at a reasonable price. Since choral music was intimately connected with religious institutions for hundreds of years, many of the classic works of choral music have religious-based texts.


Why pick a children’s choir over other activities?

Most everyone has a voice, the in-built instrument and choral singing one of the oldest, original performing art. Singing in choir offers a complete educational and growth experience that challenges, develops, and rewards the body, mind, and spirit. Besides teaching new skills, choral training offers an intersection of new friends, cultures, languages, teamwork, discipline, coordination, stamina, self-confidence, respect and a lifelong love of music.


What’s the time commitment?

The younger groups meet once a week, in the early evening. All choirs perform at least twice a semester, while the more experienced First Concert Choir and Aurora rehearse and perform much more extensively.


Can we go to a rehearsal or attend a performance before joining to see if we like it?

Absolutely. Please send an email to our staff at choiroffice@yav.asn.au and arrange to attend a rehearsal (available at the conductor’s discretion).


What are the Choir Rehearsal Times and Tuition Fees?

Click here for full choir times and fees

My question isn’t listed here. How can I find out more?

Please send an email – choiroffice@yav.asn.au and we’d be pleased to help you.