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Please read YAV’s Covid-Safe rehearsal plan if attending a Come and Try session

Auditions are also now taking place for 2CC and Male Vocal Group, see link below. 

From Beyond Blue:
Singing at the top of your voice whether in the shower, in the car, or at a gig, has the power to release sheer, unbridled joy. Singing in harmony with other people however takes things to another level.

Not only does singing with others make us feel good, it’s incredibly beneficial for our health, too. Neuroscience indicates that it makes us happier, healthier, smarter and more creative. And by increasing the brain’s neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change continuously throughout an individual’s life), it can also improve memory, language and concentration.

In terms of mental health, research shows that singing collectively can decrease symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. The social bonding experienced while singing with other people triggers ‘feel-good’ hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin, which in turn boost our sense of wellbeing – as well as our immune systems.  

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Junior Choir

Non auditioned, open to all boys and girls ages 5-7

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Wednesday 3rd Feb 2021

Intermediate Choir

Non auditioned, open to all boys and girls ages 8-10

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Wednesday 3rd Feb 2021

Second Concert Choir

Boys and girls ages 11+.
Entry via short informal audition

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First Concert Choir

Girls and boys (trebles) aged 12+. Entry via short audition. Requirement: must have experience in equivalent choir or specialist music program

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Male Vocal Group


Boys/teens with changing/changed voices, entry via a trial session or short informal audition

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Women’s Choir, females between 20-35.Entry via short audition.Requirement: must be able to read music and have relevant choral experience. Due to ongoing projects, Aurora is currently not taking new members.

Please check back early 2021

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“…most of all I like choir because it’s like a kind of family” (YAV chorister)

“I enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the acceptance of different people from different backgrounds” (YAV chorister)

Rehearsals are held at YAV, in the halls of Wesley Uniting Church, 27 Grenfell Street, Kent Town.

Ages 5-10

Junior Choir, boys and girls age 5-7: 5pm-6.15pm, Wednesdays in term time.

Intermediate Choir, boys and girls age 8-10: 4.45-6.15pm, Wednesdays in term time.

11 – adult

For young people and adults over the age of 11 a short relaxed audition is required. In the audition the chorister will be asked to sing a song of their own choosing, this can be anything they are comfortable with, and the Artistic Director will go through their voice part range.  The audition takes about 5 minutes and is followed by a chat with the chorister, and if required the parent/guardian about the most suitable choir placement.  Please contact the choir office to arrange a time. Rehearsals are Thursdays in term time.

Boys with changing voices

Contact the office to arrange a visit to the rehearsals of our Male Vocal Group. Rehearsals are Thursdays in term time.

YAV is a not for profit organisation.

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