Dear Choristers and Families,

Congratulations on becoming part of our Young Adelaide Voices community!  We are delighted you are joining us and look forward to getting to know you, sharing the love of music and singing.

Singing at all ages and levels is a wonderful experience, it teaches you a new way to express yourself and communicate with others.  Singing in a choir is one of the best team-building experiences – you all strive for one goal together and it’s such a rewarding experience when you achieve it!  With this comes the lasting friendships which are made sharing your musical experiences.  The lovely community atmosphere is a valued feature of the Young Adelaide Voices.

I hope that we will share many enjoyable hours together as you discover the art and love of choral singing, working with our experienced conductors who are all professional musicians or teachers and share your love of singing.

The Young Adelaide Voices is a non-profit organisation with two main aims: the pursuit of excellence and the fostering of fellowship. Open communication is always encouraged and any feedback is welcome, in which case you can phone me at the choir office on 8362 3885. If you phone after business hours, you can leave a message on the answering machine and I’ll return your call. 

Young Adelaide Voices is dependent on the support and commitment of parents as well as choristers.  There are many ways in which you can become involved. We will contact all families from time to time with a request for assistance and thank you in advance for making a contribution! 

Your tutor this year will be Glenda Lynelle. Glenda has conducted both 1CC and 2CC in the past.  Glenda is a primary school music teacher and most notably was the Head of Music at St Andrew’s School in Walkerville for 20 years before moving to Melbourne. Glenda has experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for all things musical!   

Young Adelaide Voices consists of 6 choirs, the younger 2 progress mainly by age with choristers of around 8 years old moving from the Juniors to the Intermediates. Following assessments and experience choristers can then follow a pathway through the Second Concert Choir to the First Concert Choir (known professionally as Young Adelaide Voices). In addition we have our male choir (MVG) for boys with changing voices and our adult women’s ensemble Aurora.


Choir Blogs


This is the main method of communication and all rehearsal and performance notices and bulletins are posted here. This is so that all family members and care givers who require the information can access in chronological order from the one place.

For Junior Choir the link is: juniorchoir.wordpress.com. Please click ‘follow’ on the right hand side to receive emails when new information is posted.

Choir Office

Our office is staffed by our Manager, Tracy Shepherd, and our Choir Coordinator, Anthea Charlton, who is available during rehearsal times, 2.30-7/8pm Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions on choiroffice@yav.asn.au or come into the office. 


Young Adelaide Voices is non for profit and all our fees and concert income is used to create a centre of musical excellence, fellowship and offer exciting performance opportunities for your child/children. Invoices are emailed and we offer 15% discount for concession card holders and younger siblings. Please contact us if you wish to claim these discounts or discuss payment plans to spread over the term. Membership of YAV requires that you attend to your account promptly.
Fee Schedule

Parking/ drop off and collections

Due to limited space and staff requirements, we request that parents park on the surrounding streets. We also ask that you do not drive into the church grounds – this presents a real safety issue.  


We have a Duty of Care, so need to account for every child in our charge during rehearsals and performances. Therefore, if your child needs to be absent, please phone or email the office before or soon after the missed rehearsal.


There are usually two main performances every year: the mid year concert “A Winter Mosaic” in June and the Christmas Concert at the end of Semester 2. All choirs sing at these concerts, both in their own right and as a massed choir in the Finale. In addition, each choir sings in its own right at various functions that arise during the year.  This year the Junior Choir will be taking part in Norwood Christmas Pageant and other concerts as they come up. Full details will be supplied for each event in plenty of time.


Please see Anthea in the office as soon as possible to arrange a fitting for YAV t-shirt. Choristers also need to have black tailored pants and black shoes for concerts. Please see the office for advice on where to source (jeans, tracksuits and leggings are not suitable).

All housekeeping aside, the most valued and important aspect of Young Adelaide Voices is that the children love singing and have fun while they are learning. It is a delicate balance that we always try to maintain. I hope that you will soon feel right at home and that you will enjoy your time with us, however long that may be.  Our oldest chorister is 35 and possibly a few months!

With best wishes and happy singing!

Christie Anderson

Artistic Director

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