YAV North Giving Circle

An Invitation to Become a Donor to the YAV North Giving Circle

For over 30 years, Young Adelaide Voices Inc (YAV) has been Adelaide’s premier choir for children and young people with a vision to transform young lives through music. See us in action.

We believe in the power of choral music as a learning and development pathway to shape the whole child.  We know that singing together improves a young person’s capacity to pay attention, practise impulse control and remember things. It also reduces stress, boosts self-esteem and strengthens communities – with powerful results.

Now, we want to share that life-changing experience with children and families in Adelaide’s northern suburbs by creating a physical presence at Elizabeth, within the City of Playford.

This is your invitation to become a Donor to the YAV North Giving Circle.

The City of Playford

The City of Playford is a diverse region that has faced various challenges (including the closure of the Holden factory, a major employer in the region).  Playford’s population includes a large number of children, a significant Aboriginal population, a relatively large share of migrant and refugee families and a large amount of public housing.

Despite the challenges, there are growing employment opportunities in the northern suburbs, including through expansion of new industries in manufacturing and defence. YAV and the City of Playford share a commitment to building confident, resilient young people, who are able to play leadership roles within their local community and pursue education and training to take up these new opportunities.

What is YAV North?

YAV North is a joint venture between YAV and the City of Playford to offer world-class choral education and performance opportunities for children in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

We plan to create a new choir for approximately 30 primary school children aged 10-12 (Years 4 to 6), to commence in Term 2, 2020.  Participants will be drawn from schools in the Elizabeth region that have a high level of socio-economically disadvantaged students.

The new choir will provide opportunities for children who love singing to expand their choral experience in a way that will enhance their in-school music programs.  There will be no cost to the participating children or their families.

The choir will be led and conducted by YAV’s experienced choral tutors and piano accompanists and supported by experienced and trained facilitators who work with children from these backgrounds.  Rehearsals will be held at the Northern Sound System music centre in Elizabeth.  Transport will be provided to and from school and the children will receive a healthy afternoon snack. 

An additional important focus of YAV North will be to develop the skills of primary school music teachers in the City of Playford through the sharing of YAV’s expertise.

Will you help us get this project off the ground?

So far, we have secured the generous commitment of the Day Family Foundation, Carclew’s Music Match program and the City of Playford.  However, we have not yet reached our target. 

To get YAV North off the ground in 2020 we are looking to close a gap of $15,000.  Any additional funding received above this target will be retained in YAV’s Gift Fund and used to support YAV North in future years.

We are inviting generous individuals and companies to join our new YAV North Giving Circle as Donors. This will be a fully tax-deductible donation which will allow us to continue to support the choir beyond the start date of Term 2, 2020.

Giving Circle members will be invited to selected events and kept up to date with the progress of the choir.  Donors will also be publicly recognised to acknowledge their important contribution to this exciting project (unless of course they wish to remain anonymous).

For more information about YAV North and the new YAV North Giving Circle, please contact the YAV Chair, Matt Winefield on 0411 035 278 or chair@yav.asn.au.

Alternatively, tax deductible donations (of any amount) can be made directly to:

Name:                  Young Adelaide Voices Gift Account

BSB:                       633-000

Account no:        1528 76207

Thank you for your support!

Giving Circle Foundation Members

We wish to sincerely thank our Founding Donors for enabling this project to get off the ground:

John and Caroline Bryant
Day Family Foundation
Enzo and Rachel De Angelis
Foskett Foundation
Christine Heard
Ruth Marshall
Alison McDougall and Colin Telfer
Ashleigh Spears
Fiona Steffensen
Winefield Family

Alumi/Other Donors

Kate Adamson
Sarah Bleby
Alice Combe
Olivia Cox
Melanie Eigestad
Julianne Evans
Kristie Fudge
Rachel Hedges
Emma Lyndon
Louise Messenger
Joy Nutt
Amanda Schroeter
Alicia Tsogas
Geraldine Tudorovic
Guy and Julia Pitman
Christine Heard
Ashleigh Spears

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