Bravo to our YAV Adelaide Festival 2021 Fairies!

Neil Armfield’s production of Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream premiered at the Festival Theatre as the centerpiece of the Adelaide Festival 2021. It featured a choir of fairies from Young Adelaide Voices, directed by Christie Anderson. This was an auditioned group from our Intermediate Choir, Second Concert Choir and First Concert Choir.



Read some of our wonderful reviews:

Limelight Magazine

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Adelaide Festival). An antipodean dream finally comes home.
by Jansson J. Antmann
‘The children who make up the Young Adelaide Voices create an enchanting and playful band of fairies, who together with Puck manipulate the mortals in the magical forest. ‘


In Daily

Festival review: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Written by Steve Evans
‘Paul Kildea conducts the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, with the Young Adelaide Voices (as the Chorus of Fairies). The score is full of abrupt ta-da embellishments as if to ensure the listener will not miss a humorous line or to draw attention to a bit of slapstick. In that respect, it could be almost vaudevillian, the musical equivalent of a flourish in a magic show, and is a reminder of the plays origins as a fun piece performed in the round to an audience of all kinds. The Chorus of Fairies adds vital atmosphere. Directed by Christie Anderson, their choreographed movements, voices and costumes are enchanting.’


The Barefoot Review 

by Samela Harris
‘The Young Adelaide Voices, directed by Christie Anderson, were quite miraculous as the fairies, some being alarmingly tiny.’


The Conversation 

by William Peterson
‘This is a superbly well crafted production. The sure-footed direction, the subtle vocal shadings, brilliant comic timing, orchestral precision, and magical presence of Young Adelaide Voices transported the audience into a world of dream and wonder.’